Happy New Year! Well it’s here folks, not just another year, but another decade has dawned upon us.

This is a time for new beginnings, setting goals, working towards getting a new job. Maybe you are hoping to get that new house or go on a safari/dream vacation. It’s a time to create a new and better you. In short, new year’s resolutions.

Resolutions are the things we plan to do or hope to accomplish by the end of the year. They give us reasons to wake up each day and something to work towards. There’s nothing as satisfying as looking at your to do list and almost everything is checked off. Some common resolutions include:

  1. Fitness,(it should definitely top your resolution)
  2. Healthcare
  3. Losing weight,
  4. Going to the gym,
  5. Quit a bad habit such as drinking or smoking
  6. Start meditation.

But what happens after January? We often find ourselves back to our old ways or we don’t even remember why we had the resolutions in the first place. Maybe it is all in how we are planning and the method that is used.

What if there was a smart way of setting your targets? Well according to The American Council of Exercise there is an interesting acronym of SMART. Each letter represents a smart way to achieving your resolutions.

S=specific; Your goal should be clearly specified and outlined. This will help you in actualize your resolutions. If you specifically want to body build or body sculpting, the focus here would be creating customized workouts and prioritizing muscle group. You can use an app on your phone such as BodBot– to help you design a workout plan.

M=measurable; If it’s your first time focusing on fitness resolutions, it is better to start with small and measurable goals, say ten push-ups a day. If you haven’t achieved it on the few days, be gentle to yourself, everything takes time so long as you don’t give up. It also helps to have a partner (friend or family member) and tell them about your goals is a recommended way to hold you accountable.

A=attainable; Start small. Set small but reasonable goals. If you are just starting out and you set a target of running five or ten miles every morning, it is not impossible, but very unrealistic. When you goals are too large, it can become discouraging when you don’t see yourself making any progress which will lead you to drop off. Instead, start with a five minute walk, and then increase as time goes by.

R=relevant; Don’t work out because it is in your resolution to be working out this year. Let it be related to a reason for why you are working out. Your reason could be to achieve a healthy weight, setting an example for a loved one, or to take more control of your health. Whatever your reason is, that will help you to stay motivated. You can also use apps like Journey: Diary, Motivational Journal which will help you document your progress, which is another great way to stay motivated.

Time bound; Time is measure of our daily lives, whatever you’re aiming to achieve, it should have a time frame of when you want to accomplish it by. There is not point in having a goal, if there is no schedule. Also, set up consistent check-in points to monitor your progress.

It’s 2020! What is your 2020 wellness vision?

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