It’s Summer time! It’s the time of the year where we go on vacation and spend time outdoors with family and friends. However, our lives have and continue to be turned upside down by the novel coronavirus. We want to stay safe while keeping healthy, while still wanting to have the simple joys of life. Summer time is definitely one of them. So how can we still enjoy the summer amid a global pandemic?

If you have been working remotely, you have a bit more difficulty taking time off with the pressure of an increased workload. You may have unexpectedly lost your job or had a significant decrease in your source of income. As a result, you now don’t have the funds to do the activities as you once did. With travel restrictions as ordered by governments around the world along with limited flights and hotel stays, travelling may seem like a daunting activity that is a long way off.

Traditionally summer time especially in the NYC area, is usually a time of free concerts, carnivals/fairs, BBQs, hanging out at the beach and enjoying the great outdoors. But now you must remain socially distant not to mention that you are limited to gathering guidelines in your area. With all this in place, how can we still have fun during the summer? Well here are some few ideas you can consider:

  • Drive-in Movie Theater. Many sport arenas, churches and places with large parking lots are turning their open spaces into a drive-in movie theater. This is a great way to get the family out of the house and take a break from your home routine to safely watch a movie while maintaining social distance at the comfort of your own car. You can research on some options in your neighborhood.
  • Summer book club. Love to read? Remember that reading list you wrote some time ago? Well now is the perfect time to tackle some of the books on that list. You can even consider getting a small group together to meet via video conferencing to discuss a chapter a week.
  • Summer cooking. With the warm/hot weather, standing in front of a hot stove to cook is definitely not a top priority. Well at least not mine! With that said, now is the perfect time to try those recipes that does not require you to stand in front of the blazing stove for longer. Try out some salads or “no-bake” recipes.
  • Go for a walk/hike. Taking walks or going for hikes is a great way to stay active while observing social distancing rules. It not only keeps you in shape but also provides you with great scenery. Nature is a good way to reduce anxiety, speeds recovery time after a case of sickness and improves short term and working memory.
  • Master one new skill. You can perfect a task you are already good at or learn a whole new skill. It can be a dance move or cooking or knitting. I personally have been crocheting, am looking into cross-stitching.


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