As we practice self-distancing and self-quarantines, you may find yourself spending more time at home than ever before. I personally have noticed how my lifestyle has slowed down and become more sedentary. You now have a higher chance of slacking off on your fitness and workout goals. The world as we know it may have seemed to have stopped, but looking after ourselves should not. In this time where achieving 10,000 steps may seem to be a challenge, it can be achieved, and in the comfort of your home. It is highly recommended to be physically active now more than ever because not only is it important to our physical health, but also vital to our mental well-being.

Physical activity helps in boosting the immune system. This is particularly important during this crucial time when we need our immune system to be at its best. Being physically active helps to increase your body temperature, thus increasing the sweat levels- that gets the bad stuff out. It also helps to support the circulation of white blood cells throughout the body- that kills bad bacteria. All of this is very important in fighting against infections that may attack our body.

With gyms, fitness/dance studios and parks closed, it can feel not as easy to workout. However here are some alternatives you can consider:

  • Do cleaning or house chores. When going to work or school, you wished you had time to re-arrange your room or clean out that closet.
  • Walking. Briskly walk up and down the staircase or around the house.
  • Dance party. Invite your siblings or your spouse or children for a dance party in the living room (so long as you all stay in the same household). Blast the stereo to your favorite feel good song!
  • Online workouts. It’s never been so easy to stream an exercise class on social media. You can follow along where most videos do not require no equipment at all- just an open space and your best workout gear!
  • Watching/streaming a TV show? Try incorporating simple exercises as you sit on the couch or lay in your favorite spot on the rug.

For some of us working from home is not what we are used to. If you are working remotely, every once in while check your posture and sitting position in order to prevent back aches. Be sure to take a break and stretch, or walk around before getting back to work. Just as you would at the office, do a workout during lunch or after work. It is recommended for adults to do at least 150 minutes of exercise a week (that’s just 30 minutes a day). Take this time of staying home to cultivate a healthy exercise routine and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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