Calcium is an essential nutrient needed for our body functions. It is most known for helping to build strong and healthy bones. As children grow, there is an emphasis to make sure that they have enough calcium and vitamin D for the bones to be able to grow healthy and strong. This in turn, will provide a more stable bone mass during the senior years. Bone health and development is a life-long journey. Therefore, calcium is a very important mineral in the body as we age. However, most adults do not get the recommended amount of calcium that the body needs.

But why is it important to get the right amount of calcium? Why should we care? When we don’t get enough calcium, one can suffer from a deficiency. Hypocalcaemia is the official medical term for a calcium deficiency. As a result, one may experience symptoms such as muscle spasms, muscle cramps or an abnormal heart rhythm. Did you know that about 99% of our body’s calcium is stored in our bones and teeth? A long-term calcium deficiency can lead to changes in our dental health, brain alterations which may lead people to become depressed or confused, and also weak nails and brittle bones.

Bone-related health concerns such as osteopenia and osteoporosis, should be enough of a reason for making calcium a priority in our lives. This is because we cannot see the effects of our bone health immediately. We unfortunately do not typically take action until things have progressed, which at that point it may be too late.

Do you ever wonder why bone health is not talked about as much? Is it because we think or we assume that we know so everything we need to know about bone health and calcium? Bone health is not something to be taken lightly because it affects every aspect of our body. Here are five common things we think we know about calcium:

  • Calcium is only good for bone health.
  • I can only get calcium from dairy products
  • All dairy products are a good source of calcium
  • I can get all the calcium I need from supplements
  • Only kids are in need of calcium

At one point in your life, have you thought or believed one or more of the above statements? I know I have. However, all of those statements are false! When we adapt to a healthy lifestyle and adding calcium based foods on our diet, it will go a long way in ensuring our calcium intake. There are many theories and things said about calcium. But, we need to take our time and understand the truth about calcium, its benefits and importance.

If you want to learn more about these misconceptions about calcium, then please Download my 5 Myths About Calcium List. On this handout there is a breakdown on each myth and provide information on the truth about calcium. Check it out here!

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